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Time is TBD


Tel Aviv-Yafo

KRAV MAGA in ISRAEL (families / groups / tourists)

ISRAEL = KRAV MAGA Get the essence of ISRAEL SECURITY our best export yet. with IKMF that trains our defense forces. Real stories scenarios & battle heritage Families + kids & Groups 90' - 120' - full day (9:00- 17:00 with lunch) At your hotel / outdoor sessions / our clubs or facilities

KRAV MAGA in ISRAEL              (families / groups / tourists)
KRAV MAGA in ISRAEL              (families / groups / tourists)

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

About the event

ISRAEL was founded on KRAV MAGA. 

the story of IMI SDEOR that combines the resuraction of those who fled from NAZI europe and came to fortify and teachthe IDF how to fight.

krav maga session suited for your group

Deleivered by the best krav maga instructors who travell the globe and spread his teaching

from the biggest Krav maga organiztion in the world   . IKMF.    קרב מגע

We come to you across ISRAEL 

at your hotel   /   out door / our clubs & facilities around israel

90'     120'      full day + lunch (9:00-17:00)

private 1 on 1         families with / without kids        groups

Suitable for all no prior knowladge or phisical fitness needed

CALL NOW  +972523242600 SHLOMI MOYAL

  • Civilian: Training sessions following techniques developed by Imi Lichtenfeld himself. kidnapp scenarios, how to act handle yourself under fire, how to protect your family and much more
  • Law Enforcement: training methods developed by Israeli law enforcements units in a fun exciting drills & trainning that will make you feel preform just like an FBI agent
  • VIP Protection  Following Israeli governmental executive protection units methods,   the best of krav maga drills  used by the top units in the world, learn to protect others, family or VIP  emphasizing on first circle defenses .
  • Military: were the KRAV MAGA all started, used to help the Israeli army in the 48w war. Learn to  function under intense strain while implementing  Israeli commando drills, self defense techniques, and much more having your rifle as your friend
  • Stayaway: the best women self defense program in the world, developed & refined by IKMF to give you self confedance in just a few drills that cover knife threats, ground techniques and much more, including common objects seminar.
  • Customized Krav Maga: A taste of additional training areas adapted for unique working environments;  CQB, Air marshals, close quarter battle situations.
  • Operational driving & car rage :Learning how to operate a vehicle against car  jacking or attacks inside the vehicle based on techniques developed by Master Avi  Moyal for confidential factors of the Israeli government.

* IKMF preserv its right to decline teaching specific groups some military, law enforcement & vip techniques.

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